President’s Message

Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Marshall-Starke Development Center has made Fiscal Year 2015 very special. Reviewing old Board minutes, going through scrap books, and talking with people involved in the early years of Marshall-Starke has renewed my admiration for the folks who started this organization. So many people volunteered countless hours doing whatever was necessary to provide a better life for people with disabilities living in Marshall and Starke counties.

I want to thank all those people who worked so tirelessly so that Marshall-Starke Development Center could provide programs and services for those in need. I have been extremely fortunate to be the CEO of this organization for 29 of those 50 years. I hope the founders are pleased and proud of the accomplishments we have made. We have experienced growth in both numbers of people served, and the opportunities provided to them. I am most proud of the fact that for 50 years the mission of Marshall Starke Development Center has consistently been to train, educate, and advocate.

I am confident MSDC will continue to grow, prosper, and serve. Once again, I want to thank all of those who have made this possible.

Michael Lintner

Michael Lintner

President & Chief Executive Officer
Marshall-Starke Development Center